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Abbeville Country Club

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Abbeville Country Club -- I've played worse!
Review by: R J B This course is in need of an overhaul - and it's getting one. Under new management, the course is starting to shape up. Better drainage, cart path extensions, even refurbished club house. All this adds up to great potential. The course itself is rather unremarkable - no sand bunkers, miss the green long and your in a heap of trouble (OB) on many holes, small greens and fairways. Bayou winding its way through the middle of the course. Pace of play is relaxed - if you want to work on your game, there is usually no one pushing from behind. Worth it - yes, but there are much better places to play within 20 minutes (and a few more dollars).
From Southwest Louisiana

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Huntington Park Golf Course -- Awesome Golf Course for the Price!
Review by: Jesse Perez Keep in mind, my 4-star score was given to this course relative to it's cheap green fees. $14 for this course is excellent. I will most certainly be playing Hunington a lot in the spring and summer coming up. Hunington Park Golf Course is one of the two main public Shreveport courses. Hunington is definately better than Querbes, but both are worth playing because of their low green fees. I find Hungington to be quite difficult. It's length is KILLER! But, if you drive the ball at least 250 yards, it won't be as bad for you. There are no bunkers on this course, which is strange to me. But, I hardly noticed because I was concerned too much with it's length. Several 470 yard par 4's are murderous. The average player should consider them to play as par 5's. I highly recommend this course for anyone to play. There are many great holes, and I had a lot of fun. Again, play this course if you like a great price.
From Shreveport, LA