Abbeville South Carolina Golf Courses

High Meadows Country Club

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High Meadows Country Club -- decent course to play
Review by: Derek Patterson The par 5(#7)can be a challenge as well as the par 3's(#6,#8)due to the pond in front of #6 green and the tee box(which is located on on a high hill)on #8.The fairway on #1 has trees to the left and right,so you'll have to make your shot preety straight also for #2. #1 has a deep vally to the right about halfway down and a patch of trees near the green.It's the only course in the county.For a town the size of abbeville(small)it is a great course to play. The employee's are nice,friendly and helpful.The course was built back in the late sixty's as a private club,about twenty members.It now has approx. 100 members and has come a lomg way from it's beginnings.It's located outside of the city.I enjoy playing there.
From Abbeville, S.C. USA

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City of Charleston (Municipal) Golf Course -- Not worth the price.
Review by: Mark Offenbacher I visited Charleston after a significant amount of rainfall. I settled for playing at the city's municipal golf course, but had to pay the unreasonable $35 out-of-towner price. The course had standing water everywhere - including fairways. There was a temporary green in place on #6 and #14 was closed for construction. None of those issues resulted in a lowering of the price. The course was boring and soggy. Several times you have to cross oncoming traffic in your golf cart. Basically, a bad experience all around. Patriot's Point is slightly more expensive, but it is 1000 times more enjoyable.
From Indianapolis, IN USA