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Acushnet River Valley Golf Course

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Acushnet River Valley Golf Course -- My review
Review by: Roger A very nice course! I haven't played many course's, but this is my favorite. It's a nice looking course, flows nicely, and it's different (woods to link style), plus it's in my home town. The rates are reasonable, but they (non-resident)may need to be lowered a bit to get people through the gates. For a course this nice, it should have a functioning club house (i.e., bar, resturant, function hall, etc.), get Titleist as sponsor.
From Acushnet, MA

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Newton Commonwealth Golf Course -- A good, fair test
Review by: Jim Lawton Newton Commonwealth can be quickly described as a relatively short course that requires thoughtful shotmaking, course management and excellent putting. The course is well maintained for the most part and the layout of sloping fairways and small, multi-tiered greens makes for an interesting and challenging round whether you're a 20 handicapper or a 5. I've seen 5 handicappers shoot over 90 so it is not an "easy" course by any means. My GHIN is 11 and I've had rounds in the high 70's on good days, but usually shoot around 82-83 unless I'm really "on". The major elements that make the Commonwealth course challenging and worth playing include: 1) Greens: several greens are multi-tiered and/or severely sloping from back to front. Downhill puts/chips can be exceptionally fast (impossible to keep on the green) if you play to the wrong position on your approach. The greens are generally better than the average public course in terms of overall speed and condition, and they are generally smaller than average. The greens are also VERY firm, so don't expect your shots to stop on a dime-even on wedge shots. 2) Terrain: The Commonwealth is built in a bowl-shaped property with severely sloping terrain around the edges of the property. Most of the holes feature elevation changes from tee to green and require you to play approaches from sidehill/uhpill/downhill lies. Local knowledge of the course is very helpful in club selection and when choosing where to play your tee shots, layups and approaches, so try to play with someone who's been there before or you may be frustrated! 3) Course length: The Commonwealth has several holes that are "driveable" par 4's (theoretically) if you can hit is 260 or more. Each of the 4 par 5's is reachable in 2 with 2 long shots, although to go for the 2nd hole in 2 shots requires a very long, high draw off the tee (over trees) to a tough, sloping fairway. Bottom Line: Newton Commonwealth is a good test of your game. If you're a good player you'll hit a lot of irons off tees and will have some good birdie chances if your short irons are on target. But you won't make them unless your putting is very good! If you're an average player you will find the course to be forgivingly short but tricky all the way around.
From Newton