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Oak Meadows Golf Course

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Oak Meadows Golf Course -- 2 stars, could be 5 stars
Review by: A. Marcuccilli When I was a kid my father was a member here, and I got to play during the summer weekdays. The courses condition was very good for those days (1970's). I hate to admit it though, as this club has some very fond memories for me, but since the park district has taken it over the course condition has'nt improved at all,it got worse in my opinion. We all know that nowdays not just private, but public course conditions have improved greatly since the 70's, this course has gotten worse. It breaks my heart to see it in this condition. It seems the park district spent more money and time on the old Brookwood country club, now Maple Meadows, which in my opinion is far less of a course. Oak Meadows could be one of the areas premire courses if they spent a few dollars and a little time. This could be a very hard and challenging course, it still is in a few areas. Anyone who had played this course back in the day knows what I mean. It's just a shame with all the history and great names that have played there.
From Bloomingdale, IL

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Village Links of Glen Ellyn - Nine Hole Course -- A nice short 9 holer
Review by: Bob K This is an easy nine hole course, even though they don't even have a slope for it. The first hole is a short 300-320 dogleg right, one of the easiest opening holes I have ever played. Second hole is another dogleg right par 5 about 480-500 yds, very birdieable, but a bunker can come into play if you try to cut the corner with your drive. Third is a 370-390 yd par 4, with a bunker about 275 yds out on the left side. The green is protected by another bunker on the front left. Fourth hole is a 120(ladies)-160(men) yd par 3. Another birdie hole if you can put it on the green, but it is surrounded by sand traps on the back left, front, and right sides. Fifth hole is a 350-370 yd par 4, with the fairway sloping to a bunker and a pond on the left side. You also don't want to slice your drive, because that'll put you in the back of the driving range. I haven't played the new green yet, but the temporary green is very hard and very fast. Sixth hole is another 370-390 yd par four, with bunkers on the left and right side 230-280 yds out. Then it's uphill to a green with bunkers on the front-left and back sides. Seventh hole is a 470-490 yd par five with bunkers in the fairway like the 6th. The green has more bunkers than the 6th, but is birdieable. Eighth hole is a 160-190 yd par three, uphill. Not too hard except for the length. Ninth and final hole is a 340-360 yd par 4, with a big willow tree on the left and a bunker farther up on the right, with a pond on the left past the willow. Avoid these hazards and you'll be fine. I have a 18 hdcp, and I can shoot about a 43 on this course.
From Lombard, IL USA