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Swannanoa Country Club

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Castle Rock Golf & Recreation -- Beautiful, cheap, close to Blacksburg
Review by: Jayhonk I played this course several times back in 1984-85, when I was attending Virginia Tech and I loved it! While it is hilly, it is fair. Back then, when I was younger, we used to walk it, so if you are in shape, it's not that bad. No long treks from green to the next tee. I remember the course itself being fair to us 15 handicappers, especially if you go easy on the lost ball rules! The course is cut out of a forest on a mountain, so a big part of the experience is the scenery. At a couple of places you can see for miles in all directions, across the tops of several ridges. You are on top of the Appalachian Mtns. Incredible! From the info here, it looks like it is still a good value, cost-wise. If you are in Blacksburg, and need to kill an afternoon, you can do a lot worse than heading out to Pembroke to play this course.
From Kansas