Allendale Michigan Golf Courses

Meadows, The

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Evergreen Hills -- Great little course at a great price
Review by: (Lawrence Tech Student) At just about 3000 yards from the tips, Evergreen Hills provides a fun yet challenging experience to any golfer. The fairways and greens are well maintained and with open areas it can be played from any distance with any club leaving you with a shot into the green, but if you want to stay in the fairways you better be able to hit a pure straight shot because they are tight with many bunkers hugging the sides along many holes. The greens lean more toward the medium size but with many greens ungulating with multiple teers and many greens surrounded with bunkers it forces the player to hit a good shot or you will be either, hitting out of a bunker or will be on the wrong teer leaving yourself with large breaking putt. There are several holes that water come into play on, but as long as you are smart about club selection it won't be a problem. Overall, Evergreen Hills is a great course at a great price. When you only have a few hours to get out and you want to have a good time, choose Evergreen Hills in Soutfield, Michigan. You will not be dissapointed.
From Southfield, MI. USA