Altadena California Golf Courses

Altadena Golf Course

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Altadena Golf Course -- Bang for the buck
Review by: Austin This isn't the average 9 hole golf course. There are 2 very long holes, the first and the last, and many more par 4s and 5s than 3s. All of the holes are honest, with straight fairways and multiple bunkers. The range is great too: you actually can hit off of the grass!
From Los Angeles, CA

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Franklin Canyon Golf Course -- Overpriced - Overrated
Review by: OLLIE Overpriced: Just not worth the $ Overrated: Par 5's are too easy with minimal difficulty, your Handicap will suffer. Another American Golf DISASTER! Poorly managed, with a high turnover rate, the worse driving range in the industry, range balls are poorly maintained, poor customer service, 6 hour rounds "guaranteed" and one of the highest crime ridden parking lots in the entire state of California. AVOID THIS GOLF COURSE AT ALL COSTS!!!
From Hayward, CA