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Altus AFB Golf Course

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Altus AFB Golf Course -- course management
Review by: John Harrison they often let singles go out on the weekends in the morning hours when they are the most crowded.then the singles get upset when they cant play through.. Slower groups will not let you through. Some of the players who play there all the time are sometimes rude.
From Dallas, Texas

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White Hawk Golf Course -- Pace of Play/Tee Time Scheduling
Review by: Anonymous The course is great. Very challenging and in fantastic shape year-round. The problems are these: 1. Tee-times are too close together (seven minutes). Another particular problem is how the afternoon tee-times are scheduled. If you have a 10:00 tee-time, you'd better play in two hours or less (and forget stopping for a bathroom break or hot dog), because they start on #1 and #10 at noon. Typically, nine-holes should be played within 2 hours and 15 minutes (2 hours is preferable, but 2 hours and 15 minutes is typical). The noon people should tee off seven minutes AFTER the people who have the 10:00 tee-time have teed-off. Since the 10:00 tee-time people should be tee-ing off on #10 by approximately 10:15, management needs to start the afternoon times at 12:22 - 12:30. This is obvious. 2. Singles and five-somes should not be allowed on the course during peak times (Saturdays and Sundays). We had a 10:00 tee-time and had to let two single players play a result, we reached #10 at 12:05 and had to be hurried through so the noon group could start on #10. (note: there is no bathroom until #16 hole...very bad when you can't stop at the turn). 3. No pull carts allowed. This is ridiculous. The reasoning is that people "tend to pull their pull-carts onto the greens." Anyone who is that stupid will drive a golf cart too close to the green just as easily...and cause even more damage. Having said all that, management is friendly and courteous, and the course is beautiful. However, I will not be renewing my membership if the course rules are not changed as follows: 1) Afternoon tee-times (split between #1 and #10) beginning at 12:22 - 12:30, and 2) No five-somes or singles allowed on weekends. I think the tee-times should be at least 8 minutes apart, but if the above 2 rules are changed, it should alleviate some of the congestion on the course.
From Tulsa, Oklahoma