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Errol Country Club - Grove/Lake Course
Errol Country Club - Highland/Grove Course
Errol Country Club - Lake/Highland Course
Sweetwater Country Club

Featured Golf Course Review:
Sweetwater Country Club -- Local Resident
Review by: POH I've enjoyed playing this course for five years. The course has an excellent layout. Fairways, ruff, and greens are well maintained but the Tee boxes need work. The greens are well maintained, thick, consistent, and quick enough (maybe a 9.5) that everyone I know whose played them said they were good. The GPS is pretty dated but adequate. Only problem seems to be it only works on about 75% of the carts. All in all, an excellent value for the money.
From Lake Mary, FL

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Palm Gardens Golf Course -- Just plain fun
Review by: J. Watson A very good short course that is FUN to play. You don't play this course with the same attitude and shot arsenal as you would a standard course. Have fun and drive the greens on the par 4's. Play from the tips and get there in two. If you prefer play it safe and see a score in the sixties or better on your card. Be warned while this course is fun if you get off line very far double or worse is possible. Watch out for the first hole a 90 degree dog leg right that requires a precise tee shot to have the correct angle to the green. Also there is a very short par 3 (less than 100 yards) that is bunkered on all sides and the tiny green will not hold. Place your tee shot in the front and the ball will release to the back anywhere else and you are in the sand. Additionally this short course is a great walk. The distance is just right and most of the scenery is very pleasant to the eye. If I had a complaint it was the greens. They were extremely slow. I have played fairways that were faster. I played there early March 2005 and maybe this was due to seasonal adjustments. However if you just remind yourself this is the way all greens were before 1950 and play the course as is you can be confident even an aggressive missed putt will only leave you a tap in come back putt. A different style course that you can walk; is FUN, and inexpensive. Try it you just may find you want to play more often.
From Brevard County, FL