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Arbuckle Golf Club -- LESS THAN 1 STAR HERE
Review by: Sue Rubin Just in case Arbuckle Golf Club didn't know it, we are in the year 2004 where many women play golf. Considering the fierce wind that this course takes on, what is the purpose of a yardage of almost 6,000 yds from the forward tees. This course is NOT "woman friendly" and they make it obvious that we are not wanted. Arbuckle may have been built back when, but all of us women are allowed to vote now and we are allowed on the golf course. All the courses I play have reasonable distances off the tee so that most of us can reach a green in regulation. To all women.......DON'T SET FOOT IN THIS PLACE!
From Sonoma, California

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Mission Trails Golf Course -- You get what you pay for with this one...
Review by: C. Moore I recently played this course. Quite frankly, it was one of the most unmemorable rounds of my life. I walked (as is my custom), and I think it cost me $24,which is reasonable. In any case, the course was in TERRIBLE condition, with dying fairways and lots of divots. The greens were fast, then slow, then fast, which is extremely frustrating. The course also has a Frisbee Golf outlay, which I thought was pretty dumb. Nothing against Frisbee Golf, but keep the golf course and the Frisbee Golf separate. I had some hippy winging frisbees right behind me for nearly the entire round. Plus, the course played really slow. All in all, there are courses in San Diego which are actually cheaper AND better than Mission Trails (Hint: Coronado is $20 and I gave it a 5 rating).
From San Diego, CA