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Lakeview Golf & Country Club -- Decent Course at a Cheap Price
Review by: Golfer I grew up playing at Lakeview, so I know the course well. The description on this site is mostly accurate, but eight, not four, holes require carries over water of some sort. If you tend to slice the ball a lot, you probably need a few extra balls--at least nine holes have OB or hazards along their right sides. All in all, the course is a lot of fun, with reachable par 5 holes, driveable par 4 holes, and challenging par 3 holes. You can score at Lakeview if you are aggressive, but wayward aggressiveness is often punished harshly. During the summer months, the course tends to be in rough shape, but the fall and winter months usually present pretty good greens overseeded with rye grass. The fairways alternate between hard and mucky, depending upon the elevation of the particular hole. The course is often overrun with obnoxious rednecks, but they aren't too bad as long as you avoid feeding them and making eye contact. Lakeview is generally a pretty good course, certainly worth the few bucks it costs to play.
From San Bernardino, CA