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Atascocita Country Club - Shores/Pinehurst Course

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Lake Whitney Golf & Tennis Club -- It's alright. Nothing more, nothing less
Review by: Lawrence "Red" Gangea In all honesty, I feel the other reviews may be overselling Whitney. Yes, the views are nice, but do you really play golf for the views? How about some challenges? There is some of that on 2 or 3 holes that have elevation changes or blind shots, but not enough to stand out. The upgrades looked promising (it's been stop and start for 5 years), but have never come through. Yes, Lake Whitney Golf Club is a goat ranch, but it has charm. It's wide open in most places, so it's nothing compared to its neighbor, White Bluff (i.e.: real grass, sand in the bunkers instead of hardpan dirt, more than two water hazards, sprinkler system, etc.), but it is fun to play, though losing your ball in the rock field on the course's back half is always possible. The bonus is that it's in the middle of nowhere, so you can be sure you will not be bothered, or have someone complain you are playing too slow. Just remember, this is no country club, and I don't think I'd want it any other way. Check it out if you find yourself around the lake with nothing else to do, or the $75 and up it takes for the White Bluff resort down the street.
From Allen, Texas USA