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Country Club of Silver Springs Shores -- Show me the money
Review by: Ron I have played this course over the past few years when visiting friends who are members. The same thing happens each time....what will the green fees be today? Two years ago, we played on two back-to-back days and paid different fees each day (both days were weekdays) Last week, after our friends had taken someone to the course on Tuesday for $26, I paid $32 on Thursday. When asking the bossman, he said "the fees differ from season to season." I asked if the season had changed over the past two days and he said "no." I brought to his attention that no "Weekday fee" was on the board but only "weekends and holidays." He told me that there "were no weekday fees." He finished by saying "you just don't understand." You're right. Most courses have a stated greens fee policy while he doesn't and that I DON'T understand. Another member said they had a friend there only three weeks ago and the price was $24. What's up with this???? It's a good course to play but couldn't manage their way out of a paper bag if they had to. For this reason, the rating is no better than average. PS There a gators on the course too....just like the one that snaps up your money in the pro shop.
From PA