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Tri-County Country Club

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Evergreen Golf & Country Club -- Rolling Hills
Review by: Bill Cronin I found the Evergreen Golf course to be a very interesting course and one of my favorites yet. There are a couple of simple holes scattered throughout the course, but I find that most of the holes on the course have challenging bends and difficult elevations to work with. A couple holes are less than 120 yards from the whites with large elevation changes. While other holes are more than 520 yards from the whites with double dog legs and well placed bunkers. I find the most challenging holes, however, are the mid-range holes that traverse through the woods, forcing you to use low-lying clubs to avoid the tree line, but also forcing you to avoid staying too low to the fairway (The rolling hills give you numerous blind shots if you land at in the valleys between them.) The greens are on the slower side because of the type of grass they use, so make sure to add a little to your shots when you're on the lawn. The lack of water hazards (only 3 holes with little ponds) means well for those who tend to end up in the water during game play. Beware of the sand traps! The dense consistency of the fairway sand makes getting out easy, but on the shorter holes with high elevations the traps tend to be extra soft and excess in heights of 10 foot elevation changes from front to back, which again creates very difficult exit shots - especially when the majority of your shots from these spots make you blind to the pin. The accommodations are nice with a little sports bar and concession stand at the club house and the tee fees are very reasonable ($35.00) No tee time is needed. Keep in mind these simple guides: the rolling hills, slow greens, soft sand traps, low tree-line, and the importance of timing your shots around the occasionally passing by train, which splits through the middle of the course, and you'll be a pro in no time.
From Hinsdale, IL USA