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Esquire Golf Course
Orchard Hills Golf Course

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Orchard Hills Golf Course -- At least it's cheap
Review by: Concerned Golfer This is a good course for beginners, but it is not unlike a cow pasture. After the 3rd hole, there is no real cart path. From the 6th to the 8th hole, not cart path at all. There is no real fairways at all. You cannot distinguish the fairways from the rough. On the up side: The greens are well maintained; no dead spots in the grass, (unlike Sandy Creek Course in Ashland, KY). The gas-powered carts are well maintained, as well. This is a very clean course; trash containers at several tee boxes. This course has a nice clubhouse and a person is able to purchase quality clubs, balls, bags and attire. In my opinion, the only real reason I rated this course with one star is b/c of the fairways. Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.
From Huntington, WV

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Fountain Springs Golf Course -- Suprisingly challenging course!
Review by: Don French Nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by the scenic Appalacian Mountains, you will find a little gem of a course you never would have expected. The terrrain is as challenging as it is beautiful. #10 is an amazingly long hole that you deserve a "high five" for if you come anywhere near the green on your 3rd shot. Other holes challenge your distance judgement due to the unique and sometimes severe inclines and dips. Overall, you will enjoy every aspect of the course and the price is right. The staff couldn't be more friendly and helpful, and the food is delicious. Also, their supply of excellent golf equipment is unchallenged in the area. Finally, expect to see some amazing wildlife including deer, pheasant, turkeys and the occasional emu.
From Northern Virginia