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Beaver Dam Country Club
Old Hickory Country Club

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Beaver Dam Country Club -- Not bad at all
Review by: Smith the course is perfect for the golfer that isn't necessarily an expert, so it is fun for the lesser expierienced player. I had a blast
From B.D. Wisconsin

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Neillsville Country Club -- Could be way better
Review by: Band Aid I've played Neillsville Country Club over a hundred times in high school and now that I know more about courses I realize that the course could be so much better. First they need to establish a certain length rough and fairway and stick with that and have a scheduled mowing process too. Some days the roughs are as short as the fairways, I know there are a lot of older people that play there but you wont get anyone different there if you dont challenge decent golfers. Secondly, they need to mow the greens at a certain length that is respectable by both a good player and a below average player but leaning a little towards the good player. None of this will cost any money except for labor but its not extra work its just setting blades and sharpening them. I know they bought a used but pretty new roughs mower and I know for a fact they dont use it on the right things. This mower should be used all over the course instead of using the reels that are way to old. Another thing they should do is make sure they are spraying the right thing when they fertilize and spray for fungus and other dieases. It wont cost to much to do any of this and the course would make a huge turn around if they would take a little more time and look into problems out there.
From Michicot MN