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Bermuda Dunes Country Club - First Nine/Second Nine Course
Bermuda Dunes Country Club - Second Nine/Third Nine Course
Bermuda Dunes Country Club - Third Nine/First Nine Course

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Pruneridge Golf Course -- No big whoop
Review by: Mark I figure I'll give my review of Pruneridge since nobody else has. You get the impression right off that this is a cheap, older, semi abandoned spot that used to be a fun time. That first impression as you drive in stays with you throughout. They advertise above that water comes into play on many holes... wrongo. The only water they even show on their layout is behind number 9 green and it looks as if it was drained years ago. On their scorecard you'll see that they advertise RTJ (Bob Jones) as the last person to redesign Pruneridge but personally I can't imagine it. This is no Spyglass and I can't even imagine Bobby Jones having anything to do with this oversized putt putt park. Now that we have the idea let's get into specifics and the redeeming values it does have. For those living in Campbell and the area this makes for a convenient driving range that isn't half bad. Pruneridge is also a pretty good place for those beginning golf and who enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere then say Santa Clara Golf and Tennis Club. Another nice feature is that you can walk on and get 9 in pretty much whenever but expect to get paired up. Unlike some similar 9 hole courses (Santa Terresa short course) this course has 4 par 4s in the mix which is nice if you're not quite up for a full 18 but still want to use all your clubs. The layout and lengths of the holes along with bunker placements, trees, and fairway widths all work well and, as noted above, I'm sure this was once a really fun spot to hit. I say "was" because right off the bat you see that maintenance is not their highest priority. The fairways are hard and hold water, the rough is just random grass types and weeds, the tee boxes are in a variety of conditions, the bunkers all need sand and hold water... the list goes on but you get the picture. Basically not a bad place but it's definitely on the decline side of it's years and considering it cost $17 (anytime) it may be worth the drive elsewhere. If you live in south San Jose I'd definitely recommend Santa Teresa short course over this. At only $11 it's a MUCH better time considering it beats Pruneridge in every single category.
From Santa Clara