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Bethel Island Club, The

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Bethel Island Club, The -- cheap practice
Review by: Joel Bryant I have played many courses over the years, from coast to coast. Great ones, and some, well, not so great. This one falls in the latter category. All of the holes are flat. Don't get me wrong, there are a couple of challenging holes, but for the most part, this is a course that has a fairly surly greens team, who expect you to yeild to them. The greens are the most difficult part of this course, and that is always fun. In a nut shell, this course is a good place to work out your winter break rusties. For less than thirty dollars with cart, it's about what you would expect from an old converted cow field, cheap practice.
From Brentwood california

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Colony Country Club, The -- No title
Review by: J. G. Short The landscaping at this golf course needs lots of work. Creek beds are severely eroded and there's standing water which could lead to mosquito infestations. The sand pits are also sadly in need of repair. There are still many dead eucalyptus trees on some of the fairways. This golfer wonders if they'll fall over some windy day on a golf cart passing right under them. The most serious problem is the lack of aesthetics upon entering through the front guarded gates of the Colony. The wrought iron fencing facing the front of the course is abominable, falling apart, with some sections of it ready to collapse onto the adjacent sidewalk where school children walk to and from middle school. I don't know why this fencing hasn't been replaced before now because it can cause serious injury if it is blown over or collapses from rust erosion.
From Palm Springs, CA