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Country Club of Billerica

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Country Club of Billerica -- New design poor, operation run poorly...
Review by: Golf Pro The scenery is nice and price is about average for a public course, but here's a few pet peaves: - The course was redesigned a few years back to try to squeeze a few more stokes onto par by making it a par 69 from the original 66. The results were in my estimation, terrible. They basically redesignated two long par 4's into short par fives, combined to par 3's into a par 4, and added a 50 yard new par 3. - The proshop is run extremely unprofessionally by retirees and kids under 16. I've also witnessed the "owner" hanging around and acting like a yahoo. Let's put it this way, not your typically golf links proprietor! - The greens are colored during the summer with some bluish dye that gets all over your clothes, clubs, and ball. I suspect it covers up the burned out yellow spots on the greens. - Finally, I've never seen greens like the ones at this place. They are kept long and are, by far, the slowest I've ever encountered. I've literally seen playing partners skull a wedge from 60 yards and it doesn't even roll off the green. Weird.
From Chelmsford, MA

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Putterham Meadows Golf Club -- Worst Course I have ever played
Review by: Anonymous Between the shirtless golfers teeing off on the first hole, and a course that seems to be maintained by a chimp, this course is not worth a golfers time or money. After paying for 18 holes, I found out that it would've taken 8 hours to play all 18. Instead I cut my loses and played 9 in 4 hours. There were "Swamp" traps on the fairways and even found someone trying to hit the green of the previous hole from my tee box while I was teeing off. The people were rude, and the golfers were worse. DO NOT go to this course.
From Melrose, MA USA