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Country Club of Billerica -- New design poor, operation run poorly...
Review by: Golf Pro The scenery is nice and price is about average for a public course, but here's a few pet peaves: - The course was redesigned a few years back to try to squeeze a few more stokes onto par by making it a par 69 from the original 66. The results were in my estimation, terrible. They basically redesignated two long par 4's into short par fives, combined to par 3's into a par 4, and added a 50 yard new par 3. - The proshop is run extremely unprofessionally by retirees and kids under 16. I've also witnessed the "owner" hanging around and acting like a yahoo. Let's put it this way, not your typically golf links proprietor! - The greens are colored during the summer with some bluish dye that gets all over your clothes, clubs, and ball. I suspect it covers up the burned out yellow spots on the greens. - Finally, I've never seen greens like the ones at this place. They are kept long and are, by far, the slowest I've ever encountered. I've literally seen playing partners skull a wedge from 60 yards and it doesn't even roll off the green. Weird.
From Chelmsford, MA

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Siasconset Golf Course -- A Windy Lie
Review by: Summer hacker If you do not feel the wind, be cautious because it is just beyond the bushes. The course has been changed to give acreage to the new Nantucket Golf Club, which it abuts. It is too bad the reconfigured fairways were not given the same attention as those at the new club. Still and all, it is a very enjoyable course with outstanding views. Most fairways are wide and reaonably groomed, but if you hit into the shrubs, it is time to take a drop. On two holes, (or three if you overdrive the green), the Milestone Road may come into play with a wild hook or slice. In the summer months it is possible to take the NRTA, shuttle bus from town and other points on the island to the course. Also in the summer, usually in August, the Couch Potato(e) Tournament is played. It is an invitational tournament, but the golf is nonetheless uneven, however, often enjoyable to witness.
From USA