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Maple Ridge Golf Club -- Harassed
Review by: TP While golfing with my friend last Thursday, (4/28/05), there was hardly no one on the course. Well we were constantly harassed by the young kid who was the grass cutter, cutting in front of our play and holding us up. Then he told us twice to stay off the fairways and to park our carts on the cart path and walk 100 yards or better to our shot. What's the sense of having a driving cart if you have to walk so far to your shot? We told him where to go and he reported us to the club house and were told to come in. At the club house they told us to leave the course because of our cursing. I'm glad to say that I'll never go back there again and put up with this type of harrassment. Needless to say, they will probably be out of business soon with this type of customer service. PS--I'm 50 years old and my partner was 60.
From Glassboro, NJ