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Fox Squirrel Country Club

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Fox Squirrel Country Club -- Fun coastal golf
Review by: John M The name of this course has been changed to The Lakes. A pretty and fun residential golf course. The course is very playable for high handicapps (I get into the 90s about half the time, but have never broken 90). I had 6 sraight bogies and a birdie on the front, which is a good day for me. Most houses are well back from the course, so you aren't pestered by lawn mowers, leaf blowers, etc. The course is a little remote and the facilities quaint, like golf circa 1963 - you expect black and white tvs or something. The staff were friendly and helpful. We were staying over at Carolina Beach, and rode the Ft Fisher ferry to Southport, which made for a very nice little trip, and a nice day of golf.
From Raleigh, NC

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Paschal Golf Club -- Best Kept Secret
Review by: John F. Paschal Golf club is the course that Arnold Palmer played on when he went to the original Wake Forest College. It has some of the most difficult greens of any course. Depending on the championship tee placements this course can play like a much longer course. This is a very well thought out course and though it was created in 1917 it allows the long ball hitter the ability to stretch their wings but heavily penalizes for a weak short game. It also has tremendous character and natural feel. However, those pretentious, hot under the collar types should stay away because you about as likely to see a Boxster in the parking lot as you are to see someone 2 putt the 3rd. This is a family 9 hole course with fees of $10 to walk on weekends and $7 during the week. However, it's not very crowded during the week or on weekends and most probably don't know that they are treading where Arnie once walked and that's why it's the best kept secret.
From Wake Forest, NC (New Resident)