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Fox Squirrel Country Club

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Fox Squirrel Country Club -- Fun coastal golf
Review by: John M The name of this course has been changed to The Lakes. A pretty and fun residential golf course. The course is very playable for high handicapps (I get into the 90s about half the time, but have never broken 90). I had 6 sraight bogies and a birdie on the front, which is a good day for me. Most houses are well back from the course, so you aren't pestered by lawn mowers, leaf blowers, etc. The course is a little remote and the facilities quaint, like golf circa 1963 - you expect black and white tvs or something. The staff were friendly and helpful. We were staying over at Carolina Beach, and rode the Ft Fisher ferry to Southport, which made for a very nice little trip, and a nice day of golf.
From Raleigh, NC

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Longmeadow Country Club -- Staff Workmanship but fun to play.
Review by: ANONYMOUS The course is all right for the begining golfer the staff though they really need to start drying the morning dew off the greens eariler than they do they to start about 8:00 and they don,t start on first green they go backwards starting on 9 instead of #1.That is my only gripe other than I wish it 18 holes but I love playing there I always play either on Tuesday or Thursday. I play on Tuesdays with my Father and my Uncle's neighbor and Brother and A Gentlemen I that know in the morning and during the evening I play with my retired Father's textile plant's league. The staff are friendly Ruby and Kim and Shirley are just as good people that you could want to know but the course is alright other that what I mentioned. That's my reason for four stars.
From Kenansville, N.C.