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Glen Garden Golf & Country Club -- History
Review by: Rob Glen Garden is a great place for Golfers of all ages. Playing on the course, it is easy to see how it produced such greats as Hogan and Nelson. They have the classic postage stamp greens. You must be accurate with your approach shot or you will miss the green. It is a great course for beginners as there are relatively few holes where a bad shot will lose your ball. The pace of play is very relaxed and the course staff are over the top friendly. The only down side to Glen Garden is that when it was built it was out in the country (1912?). In the 1950's Fort Worth grew and houses went up all around the course. Unfortunately these houses we small wooden houses and over the years it has become the bad side of town. There have been huge efforts by the local population over the last ten years to clean things up but it will take time. I highly recommend a visit to Glen Garden for any golfer. If you have an interest in history you will find it fantastic to consider you are walking on holy grounds.
From Fort Worth, Texas