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Dry Creek Ranch Golf Course -- Difficult test for average golfer
Review by: Morris Dr Creek, without a doubt, is the toughest golf course in the sacramento area. This course thrives on narrow fairways lined with trees, oh, and the trees will get to you at least once a round. On the good side, the course is set up perfectly so that if you do hit into a tree or two, there is always a way out and possibly a path to the green. It's very rewarding to hit into the trees and then hit a shot up and over onto the green. Other than the narrown and forest fairways, I'd say this course is just average on it's layout. You have to play right by the freeway, which can be somewhat distracting at times. On a good note though, the driving range is the most beautiful thing ever, and is hidden back in a grove of trees, away from everything. Very nice touch. The bottom line is, don't golf here unless you can hit the ball straight. You don't have to be a great golfer, but you better have control.
From Elk Grove, CA