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Pine Orchard Yacht & Country Club

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Pine Orchard Yacht & Country Club -- The classy links of the Thimble Islands
Review by: J. Rich There is nothing better to do on a warm summer evening than playing a few holes down on the POYCC golf course. The course is always kept in the best condition with improvements always being made where ever possible. The course is easy enough for the casual golfer, but has a variety of challenges that make it fun and competive. The best aspect of the course is the great atmosphere and senic views of classic New England in Long Island Sound. After playing with friends, returning to the club house is a great experience. The course is always alive and no matter what the circumstances it is always a good game of golf.
From CT

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Miner Hills Family Golf, LLC -- My Favorite Summer Hangout
Review by: Adam Tomasiello Hi. I love Miner Hills. I am only 13 and because they are kid friendly I go with my friends 2 or more times a week. The prices are great! The staff are nice. I recommend this par 3 course for kids and teens like me and also for beginner adults, families, and dads or moms and their kids. However I do not recommend this for highly experienced golfer's. The grass does not soak very well so sometimes the course is mucky with very slow greens. If I had to tell you not to or to go play golf here I would say definately! Come to Miner Hills. This is why I would give it a four star rating. (It is usually 1.5 hours to 2.25 hours)
From Cromwell, CT USA