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Domenico's Golf Course -- decent course/horrible business practice
Review by: Robert Pecor please note i just recently payed for 18 holes of golf at domenico's golf course. the rains came at the 7th hole. i returned to the clubhouse with my buddy to get a raincheck for the back 9 we did not play. however this is not their business practice. instead of receiving a raincheck, for the back 9 that we already paid for, they returned 4 dollars to us, stating this is the price difference between 9 and 18. it is not like we paid for 9 holes and then told them we intended on playing 18, so give us a raincheck. we had already paid for the full 18 before the round started. i have never been to a golf course that would not give a raincheck. appearantly, however, the owner of domenico's has been in business for many years and knows this is the way all golf courses operate. funny all the years i have been playing golf i have never not received a raincheck after paying for a full 18. they made their money on us today, but are going to lose more over the long run. i play in many leagues and golf all over this area. i will never play golf at domenico's again, and fully intend on sharing this experience with many others. this is not slanderous statement but a fact because i just experienced it today. this is not the way to treat repeat customers. please think about the above experience before making a decision as to where to play in central new york, or least check the radar, that day, for the potential of rain.
From Whitesboro, New York