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Lake Woods Golf Club

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Golf Club at Newcastle - Coal Creek Course -- $125 view, $50 course
Review by: Mike Played the course for the first time a couple of days ago. It is a nice course in that it is well maintained and presents some challenges for your average/above average golfer. And the views are pretty nice. My issues is that I left after playing feeling a little let down. I just didn't feel like I got what I expected from the experience. Maybe it was all of the hype it had gotten from some of my golfing buddies. Or maybe I was just having a bad day. Either way, I left with the impression that this course is like many of the other courses I play in the area for $45-$50 a round. Only this one is 3 times the money. If the views are what you are after I suggest taking a drive to the club house and get out and look around. Once you have seen everything get back in your car and go play your normal track.
From Bellevue