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Bristol Oaks Country Club

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Apostle Highlands Golf Course -- Great views, terrible greens.
Review by: Disappointed Golfer Enjoy the beautiful scenery because the greens are UGLY. Played the front 9 on 8/21/04 and left disappointed. $27 bought 9 holes of uncut, unrolled and marshy greens. Because the pins hadn't been moved in quite some time, a 3 foot radius of deep footprint depressions surrounded each cup. Although hitting greens in regulation is relatively easy on this short course, birdies and pars become a challenge as your putts bounce their way toward the cup on the shaggy, soggy putting surface. Just smack your putt in the general direction of the cup and pray the divots and footprints guide your ball into the cup. I don't know if the poor greens are a result of irrigation shortcomings or sloppy maintenance, but they are worse than any muni course you'll find. Practice playing uneven lies as the majority of tee boxes are not on a level plane. Fortunately there are other golf options in Bayfield that can't be any worse than Apostle Highlands.
From Minneapolis, MN