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Sunset Hills Golf Course
Sunset Hill Golf Club

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Sunset Hill Golf Club -- Sunset is an awesome course!
Review by: Adam Sunset Hill is an awesome course. I play on a high school golf team, and its our practice course. But after season is over, we have to start paying to play golf again. The one thing that Sunset is good for is that it's cheap and reliable. I as a high school athelete, don't feel like paying 50 dollars to go play some course with a tee time that is just horrible. Sunset on the other hand has a low price thats friendly to the everyday golfer. So it might not be in the best shape, but its fun to play because there is no rush and its cheap to play. All in all, its an awesome course!
From Connecticut, USA

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Ridgefield Golf Course -- WORST COURSE EVER
Review by: Phil Buchsman This course is not well kept. The greens are usually dried out and the fairways aren't kept great. This course is very hilly making it very hard for you walkers. Also there are alot of water hazards on alot of the holes. The tee boxes aren't kept up to date either. And then the prices... this is outrageous! It is $30 for a non-resident without anything else. But if you set up a time for 12 you might as well get there at 12:00 instead of earlier. I went out the other day and had a tee time of 11:00 and was teeing off on the second tee at 12:30. This is not a course to take advantage of the money you spent but a layed back course. Unless you are a family or people that don'e look for hard courses this is the one for you. The fairways are wide and the greens couldn't be easier to hit.
From New York, NY USA