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Delaware Park Course -- Delaware 2003 review
Review by: Janet Delaware Park is a great place to learn to play golf because it offers open fairways, well maintained greens, no sand or water. There is hardly ever a bag line. There are 18 holes on relatively flat land. The trees present the only problems as many are in the fairways. The course conditions have shown vast improvement recently , especially in 2003 when new tee boxes were planted and benches were placed at each hole. It compares favorably, I think to the 2 other city courses, Cazenovia and South Park. Those courses offer just 9 holes each. The park setting is beautiful. If you want to practice without being intimidated, this is the place.
From Buffalo, New York

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Cazenovia Golf Course -- A Dimond In the "Rough"
Review by: Mike Shea this is a great course for everyone, weither your and experinced golfer keeping your skills sharp or a beginner trying to learn the game. this is a fun course and is wide open
From Buffalo, NY

Delaware Park Course -- Delaware front 9
Review by: Anonymous hi Delaware park golf course. My home course I play Delaware about 4 days a week,partly because it is 5 mins away,never a bag line,and it is affordable,$11/for unlimited golf/$160 for season pass,unlimited. 1st hole/ par 4 285/ straigt away/wide fairway/valley 200 yards from tee,green is small, dont miss short and left/slopes away. 2nd hole/ par 3 243/ most difficult hole in my estimation. bunkers left and right of medium sized flat green,driver running a 3 wood.hole plays easier with prevailing wind behind u,and also when ground firms up. p.s. the ground at delaware in the summer can get very very very firm. 3rd hole, par 5 515 to back green/ only par 5 on the front 9.Chance to make birdie here. Wind is usually against u.Fairway is wide open some 50yds wide.however do not hit a pull hook off the tee left. the rough is treachorous,so your in the fairway anywhere 225-250 out. lay up. the back green is medium sized and has many suddle bumps and slopes. much like a turtles back.leave your self a wedge in and flop it on or bump and run. 4th hole/ par 4 300yds/ straight away. tight driving hole. overhanging tree to the left and thick rough on the right side of the fairway. this hole does play up hill. so a 3 wood is the play to a small green that slopes from back to front. 5th hole par 4 310 yds. Slightly down hill. easier driving hole than #4 because it opens back up to the right heading back down. do not hit long and left as a hube tree can block shots to a 2 tiered green. if the pin is in the upper back.do not get suckered in very difficult to get the ball to land soft.usually will roll off the back and leave a difficult up and down. 6th hole par 3 149/ I love this hole for the same reason i love playing there.There is always some hot chick rollerblading or walking by. play either a pw,9/8 iron. to a small green that slopes gently back to front. Oh and i forgot u must hit over some trees about 70yds in front of u. can make or break your round. 7th hole. par 4 315yds. dogleg right. Big hitters can take it over the trees on the right and clear the sand trap that fronts the green. conventional play.is iron or 3 wood to generous fairway.and short iron uphill to a deceptive green. their is a slope in the front of the green that can eat up shots short. 8th hole.par 4 359yds. dogleg left. slightly up hill. huge tree 220yds out in middle of another huge fairway.Tree is the largest and oldest in the park.left or right of the tree will give u a clear shot at the green. green slopes back to front.do not go long as another difficult up and down awaits. 9th hole par 3 110yds. many a hole and 1 have been seen here.along with many more scantily clad women going by to distract the golfer. i have also shanked a couple of balls into the adjacent road and hit a few cars. just as sw or pw.watch out for the tree 25yds in front of the tee box.go over it.and shoot for the middle of the green. green slopes left to right and is guarded by sand traps.stay out of the 1 on the left. Front 9 summary. play smart dont let the openness fool u.leave your self the right up and down. and u need to get lucky on the greens as they r not rolled and are a little shaggy.
From buffalo