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Deerfield Lakes Golf Course

Featured Golf Course Review:
Deerfield Lakes Golf Course -- Great bargain for a great course!
Review by: Scott West A fun and challenging course. Played the course for years and I have never seen it in better shape. The greens are fast but not out of control and the fairways are nicely kept. All in all, great low rates for a real nice course.
From Jacksonville, FL

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Eco Golf Course -- Tough, Narrow, But Fun
Review by: Bob A tough course, it has narrow fairways, and ball hungry mangroves. If you play in the summer take some insect repellant. It is very close to the ocean and there are a lot of marshy areas, the mosquitoes and especially the no-see ums were eating my son and me alive. It got so bad he stopped playing and refused to get out of the cart, I finished but was literally running between shots. I played the fastest round of my life.
From Miami, Florida