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Desert Forest Golf Club -- It Hurts so Good
Review by: Michael Beronja Desert Forest is the finest natural golf course in the West. It is not for every golfer. Those that typically hit the ball directly at the pins will find that this does not work. In the winter the greens are hard and fast. Anything hit onto the green without proper spin or placement will not hold or run off the back or sides. The greens are typically as fast as Augusta. The members take great delight in having a 5 handicap snowbird come out and not break 100. This is like making love to a 400 pound women "it hurts so good". You love how this course plays as it eats you up. Leave the driver in the bag for the majority of the holes. The course is not long but accuracy is so important. The members play everything as it lies so if you miss the fairway and rough you are looking a double boggy at best. This is a great course without equals.
From Green Bay, Wi.

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Longbow Golf Club -- This course was awesome
Review by: Dean Buffoni I loved this course except I couldnt find the fairway at all. I had never played a desert style course before, I guess I should stay away from them. I got to see the local flora and cacti up close on this track because thats where my balls were flying into. This course is set up great, very tough if you dont find the fairways, great greens, smooth, ball roll was perfect. A real jewel in the desert....Highly Recommended!!!!
From Danbury,CT