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Celebration Golf Club

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Celebration Golf Club -- A Great Day On the Greens
Review by: Jan Davis Every hole is like seeing a new picture. Each hole offers a challege of some kind along with the most beautiful view you have seen. It is just a joy getting to play each one. I would go back in a heart beat and play it over and over.
From Boise, Idaho USA

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Pines Par 3 Golf Course -- Useful to introduce kids to the game only
Review by: Chuck Useful to introduce kids to the game only. What good is working on your short game in conditions you would never face at a real course? You tee off of mats, if you land on the green theyíre so slow you could putt with your driver, and if you miss the green youíre in grass so thick itís like your front lawn if you donít mow in a month.
From Miami, Florida