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Fairways at West Terrace

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Fairways at West Terrace -- Good for the price
Review by: J.L. The Fairways is a good course for the price. It has some challenging holes. Sometimes in mid summer, the course gets a little dried out. Also, due to a lack of a marshall, things can get really backed up on the weekends. Many of the holes require pride-checks for the average golfer. Hazards that look easy to clear tend to fool a lot of people.
From Spokane, WA

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Gallery Golf Course -- Awesome course
Review by: Mike Gallery, for years, was a secret as only Naval personnel could play it. When it finally opened to the public some 15 years ago, the secret was out of the bag -- simply put, Gallery is one of the best values in the state when it comes to golfing experiences. Lots of variety, easily walked (although you will encounter some beefy hills along the way) and a layout that will remind you of playing in Scotland, the views at Gallery are worth the admission. Weather is always iffy, as the course is on the west side of Whidbey Island. Expect summertime temps to be 15 degrees cooler than what you would find in the Seattle area, and the wind is ALWAYS blowing. All in all, a fantastic golf course.
From Edmonds, Wash.