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Lakes at El Segundo, The -- Tiger Woods? I don't think soooo!
Review by: John S. I have played the Lakes at El Segundo many times. It is a fun, little pitch & put course just off the PCH, set amongst the El Segundo refineries near the airport. The fumes from the refineries often waft across the course. In spite of its name, I don't remember seeing any lakes. The redeeming feature is its proimity to LAX airport. In the days before the long security checkin lines, you could sneak in a quick 9 holes before heading to the airport rental car return areas only about 15 minutes away. There is an old Joke that goes: Question- "How's your wife?" Answer: "Better than nothin'" Well so is this course. Regarding Tiger, not unless he is visiting the head Pro, who if he has not retired, was a very well respected golf instructor. I forget his name, but there was an article about him a few years ago in one of the golf magazines.
From Jamison. PA