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Lakeview Country Club

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Lakeview Country Club -- New Owners
Review by: Frank Recently, new owners have been purchased this course and although they have not completely repaired all the damage that the previous owners did to the course, they are moving in a very positive manner. There is great potential for this 9 hole course and I really feel like these owners know what they want, know what they are doing, and will bring this course back to a great course to play.
From Independence, Kansas

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Sugar Hills Golf Club -- in play for everyone
Review by: Edward Flodin now days coarses are becoming longer and longer. this coarse is an exception to that rule. the challenge to this coarse are the greens. when freshly mown they roll at a 12 on the stemp meter. On many of the greens it is impossible to stop the ball if you get above the hole. There is no advantage to hitting the ball a long way. 300 yards off the tee here does not help you very much. The nice thing about this coarse is that older folks that can hit the ball straight can score as well as the young pups who hit the ball a ton. Great coarse for all ages.
From Denver, Co USA