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Amherst Audubon Golf Course - Audubon Course -- This course is better than most people think...
Review by: Nate L. A lot of people label this course as an "easy" course. At a slope of 112, and having played the course many times, I would tend to agree. However, the course layout does force you to think especially on the 3 water holes 14, 16, and 17. Unlike most new courses, this course has some strategically placed, full-grown trees guarding greens. The course has put new sand in most of the traps. The course is open and forgiving on most tee shots. It is overcrowded at times, but if you avoid 6:00am (senior citizen time), 10-12pm (college, hs crowd), 3-5pm (second wave), you can play a typical 4:10 hour round. My favorite is the evenings. All of the hackers usually go home by then and you can actually practice on holes by throwing a few balls down without having to worry about keeping pace. This isn't the Royal Niagara or Peninsula Lakes (which are a far superior value compared to any Erie County courses) but the course does hold some interest to the creative golf mind and will reward an "A" game with lots of birdie opportunities for the single digit handicapper. The greens are sloooww and the fairways are sometimes good, sometimes bad depending on the year. You can justify a driver on every par 4 and 5. There are 200yd, 165, and 160 yd par threes. I write this review only to convey to the public who tend to bash audubon that this course is improved and is enjoyable to play as far as it's layout is concerned. It's a great place to practice! Now that you've read this, please don't play this course - it's way to crowded. In my opinion they should raise the rates to keep the population down. I'd be willing to pay extra $ on my season pass to accomodate the rate hike.
From Amherst, NY