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Polvadero Community Golf Course

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Old River Golf Course -- Affordable for beginners - Challenging for Pros
Review by: Tariq Ahmed

This course is near where I live, so I go there often. It was only yesterday that I achieved my first par! What's nice about this course is that it's really afforable ($14 on weekends, $10 twilight [after 3pm or so], and $8 on the weekdays). So as a beginner the entry cost of playing golf is low. But at the same time this course is wickedly challenging. Tracy is in the Central Valley, so you get these high pressure winds during spring. Likewise, there are water traps all over the place (a stream runs across), and some of the fair ways are very narrow. So as a beginner it forces you to not be sloppy and really think about your shot. And as someone more experienced, you'll find yourself being strategic about it. Even putting is a challenge.

Make sure to bring a good supply of balls, especially if you haven't played this course before because my friends and I lose about 3-4 every game (though we play aggressive and risky). You'll definitely want to play at about 60% of your max power if you tend to slice or hook a bit, but on most of the fairways there is little room for error. Often you'll find yourself hitting on the wrong fairway because you drifted a little too much. But it's so hard it has really forced me to line myself up properly, really think about my swing before I make my move. Unlike the courses in Livermore where you just need to generally hit it, and you're good.

And for someone who is fairly seasoned at Golf, I think you'll enjoy the added difficulty. Mind you, there are no bunkers, and there are definitely harder courses out there (most of the fairways are pretty straight).

It's located around farm land and under power lines, so not exactly the most scenic. But hey, for $10-$14 you can't go wrong!

From Tracy, CA. USA