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Pebble Creek Country Club
Texas A&M Golf Course

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Pebble Creek Country Club -- Not exactly what you'd expect in Aggieland
Review by: Anonymous Nice layout. Much of central Texas doesn't have the same topography that an Austin or San Antonio can provide, but there were plenty of trees and some slight uphill/downhill despite a generally flat piece of ground. We happened to play on a day when the weather was poor. The wet conditions had us as the only players on the course. The price seemed at little steep as the lone players - $65.00 which included cart, but no range balls. The carts did have plex glass wind shields which was nice for the late fall and early winter. The course was over seeded, which made the fairways and greens very nice. The greens rolled true. There is a lot of water in play over the entire golf course. the design on several of the holes didn't seem like it fit a traditional risk/reward philosophy. For example on #1 and #10 (both par 5's), hitting a second shot over the water would still leave you 40 or 50 yards from the green, where as a 6-8iron lay-up would still leave a wedge. (Maybe Michelle or Tiger could get there?) Numbers #9 and #18 seemed to be the same type example. Water creeps out across the fairway on number 9 - driver is a risky play, but anything less and you've got a 200 yard-uphill approach or so. (I will say lack of roll in wet conditions would have just meant a lesser club off the tee because carrying the water with a driver wasn't an option) Much the same applies to number 18, although the approach was a few yards less. A lot of sand and a lot of water with some skinny necks in the dog legs on some holes is the reader's digest version. Shop staff was nice. Grill was available and had good selection.
From Waco, TX

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Gus Wortham Park Golf Course -- Lost Golf
Review by: Jeremy Wortham is not your average course. Without fail you will have at least two people approach you while playing to ask if you want to buy used balls. The price is the "hook" at Wortham, it is cheap, but you do get what you pay for. For the most part the course is in good condition for a $25 dollar course with the exception of the greens. There seems to always be a problem, whether it is sanding or sprinklers watering the green while you putt (they turned on while I was on the green on two holes when I was there last) and the course has two temporary greens set up, which are a joke. The temps are a 15 foot wide (if that) shortly mowed part of the fairway 30 yards in front of the original green. All in all, if you are looking to just play some where cheap it is a fair course for the money.
From Houston, Tx