Coventry Rhode Island Golf Courses

Coventry Pines Public Golf Course
Washington Village Golf Club

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Coventry Pines Public Golf Course -- Coventry Pines Public Golf Course
Review by: Andrew Donilon Similar to Augusta National, this reserved golf course offers extreme challenges for all competitors. It includes hair-raising sandbunkers and water hazards, as well as breath-taking scenery. You haven't golfed until you've played at Coventry Pines.
From Coventry, RI USA

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Wannamoisett Country Club -- The Best There Ever Was
Review by: Thomas Wellington, IV As a young child growing up in Rhode Island, I experienced the blessing of being able to play at one of the best courses around. Right when you walk in the door, you are treated with respect and dignity from the professionals. The junior golfers treat the course and its players with respect. I once was playing at Wannamoisett when a young, teenage boy by the name of Owen ran up to me and said, "Sir, I'm sorry for taking so long, you can most definetly play ahead of us." I realized later that the junior golfers at Wannamoisett are taught to be respectful of the course and its players. I hope you all visit Wannamoisett, because it is the best there ever was.
From Newport, RI USA