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Lincoln Oaks Golf Course -- Great Value
Review by: CHUCKDOG WHO? This course is a great value and is in great condition. South surburban secret! THE STAFF AT THIS COURSE SHOULD GIVE TRAINING LESSONS TO SOME OF THOSE $100.00 COURSES.

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Balmoral Woods Country Club -- Not welcome......
Review by: The 2nd Horsman Upon approaching the pin on the 18th hole we were abruptly stopped by David Mortell/General Manager whom asked two of us in our foursome "what time did you guys begin? "we answered approx: 8:15am or 8:30am and he said "thats not acceptable you have been out here 5 hours and thats 'absurd your not welcome here anymore' I told him noone had said anything to us but for him to approach us on the 17th pin with that kind of comment was very unprofessional and surprising because it was 3 out of the 4 of us first time to Balmoral and if thats the way he welcomes us to Balmoral then we will not be back and there will be many people we mention our experience too there at Balmoral and "and I told David if he had approached us more respectfully than and asked us to pick up or move on to the 18th hole without finishing our chips and putts on the 17th hole we might have been a bit more receptive; even though the group behind us were not on the tee yet and finishing a par 3 on 16........after we finished the 18th hole and were speaking with the ranger who had gotten chewed out for not rushing us earlier David Mortell ran outside again angrily to tell the ranger we were not worth speaking too and to leave us alone....WOW was all I could say because yes I admit we were a little slow but there have been many golf courses I have been to and 4-5 hours was ok... yes a bit slow but it never deserved how we were treated even though we did allow a twosome to play thru on the 15th hole.........signed: the 4 Dark Horseman
From Chicago IL

Lincolnshire Country Club -- Great for the $$$
Review by: Roy Head A very nice course. It is scenic and well manicured.
From Chicago