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Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Buffalo Grove Golf Course -- A Decent Munie
Review by: RT Not nearly as nice as BG's other course (Arboretum), but not nearly as expensive also. The front nine on this course is fairly open, and you can usually hit driver and let'r rip. No holes are particularly difficult and even someone who has never played the course will be able to determine where to hit the tee shot. Number nine is probably the most difficult on the front as you drive from out of a shoot (from the tips). Keeping the ball to the right is the better play as sand and trees will get you left. The back nine is the better of the two and more difficult. It is almost like playing two different courses. Number 10 is fairly simple but keep it right as a creek runs along the left side and will also block your 2nd shot as the hole dogs a bit to the right. The next number of holes it's position golf as you flirt with the meandering creek and trees. 16 demands a careful approach over water that also bends right around the green. 17 is a short little par 3 with water left. Finally, 18 is a nice par 4 finishing hole with large traps and even larger green. All in all a decent course with a friendly staff.
From NW IL