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Touchet Valley Golf Course

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Touchet Valley Golf Course -- Touchet
Review by: Cole This is a nice small town golf course. The same people can be seen playing it day after day. It is a wonderful atmosphere to learn the game and to sharpen you skills on an inexpensive course before you move on to some of the more expensive courses in the surrounding area.
From Waitsburg

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Whidbey Golf & Country Club -- Overrated
Review by: Mike If a visitor to Whidbey Island told me he or she had one day to play golf, I would -- without hesitation -- recommend Gallery Golf Course over Whidbey Golf and Country Club. Gallery is a far superior value. There is nothing seriously wrong with Whidbey GCC -- but there is little that is special about it either. A very average golf course that tries to be an exclusive country club. Staff is a bit snooty, and there is really no reason to be. I would not recommend Whidbey -- especially if you have limited time.
From Edmonds