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Sunset View Golf Course

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Sunset View Golf Course -- Information on page is out dated
Review by: Justin Carroll The course has had 18 holes for the last few years instead of the 9 holes stated at this site. They have done a excellent job keeping the greens and fairways in desent shape. The sand traps are not attended to and the sprinklers water them makeing the sand pretty hard. So don't go there unless your good at playing from a cement surface. Enjoy the round!!!
From Eagle Mtn. UT. USA

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Lakeside Golf Course -- Cheap, easy, and very fun
Review by: Dan I love this golf course, it is a main stay for the public. It is an easy walk course, unlike most in utah, and there is a chance to show off your long drives. The best part is it wont take your wallet for a ride, one of my biggest pet peaves about golf courses now days.
From UT