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Dickson Country Club
Greystone Golf Club

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Greystone Golf Club -- Scenic and challenging
Review by: Scott Monteiro This is a beautiful and well designed course. The course can prove to be challenging for both the beginner and scratch golfer alike. The high grass that seperates some of the holes can be frustrating, so you would be well advised to keep to the left on such holes. During the fall the greens are usually riddled with leaves and twigs so spring and summer would be your best bet. The developer did an excellent job incorporating the natural surroundings into the course. With a tee off the top of a ridge on hole one, to the natural rocks that appear throughout the course, Greystone Golf Club in Dickson is sure to give you the feeling of connecting with nature as you connect with your ball.
From Dickson, TN USA

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Pine Creek Golf Course -- never a dull moment.
Review by: Patch Cotter Pine Creek is what you make it. The course is in fine shape if you keep it in the fairway or find the rough. For those of you who can find the fairways, they are in great shape and the greens are the best I have found in Nashville. The only thing the other gentleman could possibly be complaining about is that the cart seats arenít leather. Again, the course is what you make it. If you feel like punishing yourself the back tees are not an easy eighteen holes, especially #4. You will get an ego boost from the front. If you find a course that does not make you wait on the weekend I would like a call, those courses went away with the coming of Tiger. They have a lot of undulating greens with some tiers, rare ball marks, and fresh cut holes. The water never dries up and they donít spare it during the summer hot spells. Where I grew up golfing, it is considered a gamblers course. It does not matter whether you hit it long or canít hit out of your shadow it will equalize the playing field making it accessible to all handicaps of golfers. The only change that i would make is hiring me in the pro shop (i see the golf course growing). Love your course and your people, keep it up Pine Creek.
From Knoxville, Tn