Dothan Alabama Golf Courses

Dothan Country Club
Green Hill Golf Course
Highland Oaks Golf Course - Highlands/Marshwood Course
Highland Oaks Golf Course - Magnolia/Highlands Course
Highland Oaks Golf Course - Marshwood/Magnolia Course
Highland Oaks Golf Course - Short Course
Olympia Spa Golf Resort

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Montevallo Golf Club -- Not bad for the money.
Review by: Michael J. Keyes I found this course to be less maintained than I thought it should be. I suppose that it is due to the fact that it is part of the Alabama Educational System, and they don't have a lot of money. The first fairway in nice and green. The grass is deep off the fairway so keep it in play. After the first I found the course to be wanting in several areas. The grounds are in less than desireable condition.By this I mean the you must take care and watch the tall grass and weeds and don't be surprised if you loose your ball close to trees or in some tall grasses close to the fairway.The third is a unique hole and must be played to understand. The fourth and fifth holes are below average. They are very rocky and the fairway grass does not grow well. Six and seven are nice and offer some challenge. Eight is a nice hole due to the fact that you must go over a stream to reach your goal. Nine is straight and clean. Ten slopes to the right and turns to the left. This is another hard fairway with another good chance of loosing your ball to the right due to the tall grass and wet ground.Eleven ,twelve and thirteen are nice and straight forward holes. Fourteen is the long straight par five. It can be made in two, but for golfers like me, three or four is more like it. Fifteen is straight and somewhat narrow with a creek in the middle. Sixteen is ,to me, one of the most challenging holes on the course. Long at the begining of the hole,with houses on the right and a hard fairway, and then dogleg to the left uphill to the hole. Seventeen is like three without the water. Eighteen is like one with long good fairway.
From Jemison,Alabama.