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Downers Grove Park District Golf Course

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Downers Grove Park District Golf Course -- Bring an MRE
Review by: Mark G. The only way to play this challenging and charming 9-hole municipal course in less than 3 hours is to be the first group off the tee. Seniors own the mornings, and kids slow down the weekends (my own among them). I have played this course over a dozen times, and I have to allow 4 hours to get through this death march. I suggest calling ahead to find out how slow the course is playing before going to the first tee. If you don't, better bring a meal.
From Downers Grove, IL

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Downers Grove Park District Golf Course -- As far as 9-hole tracks go...
Review by: Greg Domaszewicz ...this one's tough to beat. Beautiful scenery and alot of history. The three first holes, all medium to long par 4's, pose a good starting challenge, followed by a couple shorter par 4's. The last hole provides an opportunity to pick up a stroke if you have a long straight drive in your bag and can make it to the top of the hill.
From Pekin, IL

Downers Grove Park District Golf Course -- A true classic
Review by: Mike Smith This 9 hole course does play EXTREMELY slow. If you want to play and enjoy yourself, try to find a time when it isn't busy. That being said, it really does feel like a course that was built in the 1800s. For most golfers, this might be the only time in their lives that they play a course built in the 1800s. I absolutely recommend playing here. The holes are quite different than holes are nowadays, and if you really take the time to appreciate the course (and aren't frustrated by the slow play) , you'll realize you're playing a classic.
From Illinois