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Mohawk Park Golf Course - Pecan Valley Course -- Best Public Golf Course in Tulsa
Review by: Hunter Albert Mohawk Golf Course is a nice wooded area about .5 miles away from the Tulsa Zoo, Dont worry it doesnt smell and it isnt that noisy. The only distractions are on the 6,7,8th and holes when you can hear monkeys in the distance, its pretty cool when hear them and you're in a wooded area. There's lots of water, greens are in good shape, rough is fine, very creative par three's, and a good experience. Oh yeah, threres plenty of squirrels and swans roaming the course. If you go during the summer and you get a tee time(around 7 a. m.) in the early morning the fog of the creeks and ponds rise and fairways are misty. If you need tee times go to playtulsa.com(make sure you do google search and type playtulsa.com and then something below will pop up saying If the URL is valid, try visiting that web page by clicking on the following link: playtulsa.com.) click on it and you'll go to the web site. If you are not registered go head and do so then choose Mohawk:Pecan Valley, there you can set tee times, no. of players and so on. You can also choose the other courses like South Lakes, located in Jenks. Page Belcher located 1 mile west of Jenks. LaFortune located between 51st and 61st on Yale Ave. in Tulsa Oklahoma, then also both Mohawk Pecan Valley, and Woodbine. Hope this helps you.
From Tulsa, Oklahoma