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Tamarack Golf Course - East Course
Tamarack Golf Course - West Course

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Tamarack Golf Course - West Course -- Awesome Muni Track
Review by: Jersey Guy Lots of trees and sometimes you can see the putter stand over the ball for 5 minutes before pulling the trigger.
From East Brunswick

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Princeton Meadows Golf & Country Club -- Not worth it
Review by: middlesex county golfer I am a county resident and even with a price break I do not enjoy playing it. The course itself, fairways and greens are in pretty good condition (June 2005) and I like the layout of some of the holes. But as the description on this site indicates, out of bounds is on the left for 17 holes. Out of bounds is not marked just by some nice little red stake before an onslaught of trees or lake. O.B. is really indicated by the row after row of condos and townhomes that are so close to the course you feel like you are in someone's back yard most of the round. If you hit left, draw to a hook, be prepared to be sheepish from pegging a few buildings along the way. But here is why I doubt I will ever play there again: I work less than 10 minutes away from the course and decided to pop over for a twilight round. I got to the tee box for the first hole and was able to go out by myself. I was really pumped about working on my game with no one around (yes take a "couple" of mulligans). After about 4 or 5 holes of seeing no other players in sight, I found myself waiting for some guy to finish up on the green ahead. When I got to the green I noticed the man drifted off to another hole out of order. Then at the next tee box was some other guy who was extremely insistent I go ahead of him. At that point it became clear since there are no fences around the course just condos. These guys are just walking out to the course, way out from the club house, playing for free. Of course who is the idiot, them or me for just paying 25 bucks? If that is not bad enough, there were about a dozen or so kids I encountered walking around the course, using it as a short cut no doubt to the condos on the other side. I have enough trouble trying to get on the green from 180 yards out without having to worry about hitting a little girl on the cartpath riding a bicylce. Why a little girl is out on a golf course by herself at 7 PM is a whole other story but this is about the golf course not bad parenting. I can at least say you will never see me there again after work. I haven't played there on a weekend in about 2 years but I doubt the kids disappear on the weekend. Maybe they just wear helmets.
From nj