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Tamarack Golf Course - East Course
Tamarack Golf Course - West Course

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Tamarack Golf Course - West Course -- Awesome Muni Track
Review by: Jersey Guy Lots of trees and sometimes you can see the putter stand over the ball for 5 minutes before pulling the trigger.
From East Brunswick

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Pine Valley Golf Club - Pine Valley Course -- Guy from Philadelphia doesn't know what he's talking about
Review by: KAP knows I just read a review from a guy who obviously understands very, very little about Pine Valley. His remarks that Pine Valley is all about the money and the power are quite laughable. I'm sure that if he actually knew anything about golf and golf courses he would realize that it is a breath taking work of art. It's greens, which are always in the most pristine conditions, as they continuously provide an exceptional challenge. And lets not forget the incredible veiws. I do agree that Pine Hill is a nice course and it is very close as far as driving distance to Pine Valley, however it is far from the standards, quality of golf, traditions and meaning that Pine Valley holds. In the final thought I wish to add, I add this, Money and Power don't keep Pine Valley at #1, it is Pine Valley that keeps Pine Valley at #1.
From Naples, FL and Princeton, NJ, USA