East Granby Connecticut Golf Courses

Fox Run at Copper Hill

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
D. Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course - Black Course -- Going in the right direction
Review by: Rob Clark I played this course three years ago and was appalled at the conditions of the greens and fairways. The greens were "browned out concrete" and more than 5 balls were lost directly on the fairways, which were all molded out and diseased and generally in unkempt condition. Today the course is progressing nicely. Two years ago the town reassumed management responsibility. Each year since then the conditions have improved dramatically. Today the greens are in fantastic shape. The fairways for the most part are also in great shape with the exception of a few holes that still need to have the drainage corrected. The molds and diseased areas are almost non-existant. Balls no longer just disapear when hit right down the middle. There are actually two courses. The Black course is in the best shape and is the most technical of the two. The Red course is a longer course and rolls up and down and also is a pleasure to play. My biggest concern to date is that these two courses will be "rediscovered" and then be almost impossible to get playing time on once word gets out how much improved they really are.
From Fairfield, CT