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Echo Hills Golf Course

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Echo Hills Golf Course -- Echo Hills
Review by: Anonymous As an amateur recreational golfer, I golfed on this course when it was brand new. Not much for greenery and relatively new trees. It has shown great improvement over the years and is well maintained. My favorite part about the course is that it offers the challenge of different grades of elevation and prompts you to use a variety of your clubs. This course is challenging both for the golf and for the walk. Good excercise.
From Hermiston, OR

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Coburg Hills Golf Club -- Toughest course I've ever played!
Review by: Sam Ropper Holy cow! And I mean COW. I almost hit one while teeing off. This has got to be the roughest course I've ever played. The natural theme works well, but I never was able to find any tee off boxes or greens. But this is not a knock of the course, just an observation. I wasn't able to finish my round (lost all my golf balls), but had a great time and recommend it to anyone who isn't bothered by poison oak or angry cows!
From Eugene, OR